10 best products for joints at home

A joint is a movable connection of two or more bones that allows them to bend, unbend, or rotate. The human body has more than 300 joints: large, small, paired, single. The daily load on some of them may be more, on others - less. Diseases of the joints can be associated with injuries sustained during sports activities or during heavy physical labor, with autoimmune and other diseases. In each case, the use of adequate treatment methods is required in accordance with the recommendations of specialists. At the same time, traditional medicine offers a number of methods used at home that will help alleviate the patients condition with joint diseases. Lets consider the most popular ones.

What are the types of joint diseases?

The most common joint diseases that we often hear about from friends:
  • Osteochondrosis is a real scourge of the XXI century. With the proliferation of sedentary lifestyles, an increase in non-physical occupations and leisure pursuits, it is difficult to find someone over the age of 25 without neck or back pain these days.
  • Arthritis is an inflammatory process in the tissues of the movable junction of bones. It is characterized by pain, deformity and limited mobility of the joint.
  • The destruction of the cartilage that connects the bones where they come into contact with each other is called arthrosis. The joints of the legs are most susceptible to arthrosis - coxarthrosis (hip joint) and gonarthrosis (knee joint). This pathology occurs due to malnutrition of the cartilage tissue.

How can you help sore joints at home?

Consider the most common and effective, according to users, methods of treating joints at home.

Honey treatment

Honey has been known since ancient times for its medicinal and anti-inflammatory properties. In the treatment of joints, honey is used as an external remedy as follows: A small amount of honey is applied to the cabbage leaf and applied to the sore joint as a compress. With this method, pain and swelling in the area of ​​inflammation is relieved, redness disappears. By mixing honey and cinnamon in equal parts with a glass of warm water, you can make an ointment that is rubbed into the skin in the area of ​​the sore joint. Note: honey is the strongest allergen! Before using it externally or internally, it is necessary to conduct a test: apply a small amount of honey-based product on the back of the wrist or on the elbow and wait 30 minutes.

Cold Treatment

Cold treatment, that is, cryotherapy, is effective against diseases of the joints of the hands. Especially recommended for athletes to relieve tension after intense training. It is important to remember that cold will not cure joint disease, but will only alleviate its symptoms.

Healing baths

Herbal and mineral baths are effective in relieving tension, relieving pain and inflammation in the joints. In the first case, herbal preparations, bark and roots of medicinal plants are added to the water; in the second - various salt mixtures. Depending on the patients condition and well-being, both cool and warm baths can be used. Note: it should be noted that people with diseases of the heart and vascular system, hypertensive patients are not recommended to take baths with water temperatures above +45 degrees Celsius.

Massage for the treatment of the shoulder joint

If you have sensations of stiffness and aching pain in the shoulder associated with heavy and frequent physical exertion, a light massage with ice is recommended (for minor injuries). As noted earlier, the above methods are mostly of an auxiliary nature for joint diseases - they relieve inflammation, relieve pain and tension. The cure is possible only with the use of drugs and methods prescribed by specialists that have proven effectiveness.

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