10 best products for quitting smoking at home

How much have you thought about quitting smoking? If the answer is yes, then your train of thought is correct. This is a harmful habit that destroys the human body; it takes away money, health and will. Many try to quit, but most return to the pack of cigarettes on which their consequences are drawn. Think about how much you give to the pieces of paper with nicotine, is it really not better to save this hundred others for a deposit in the bank? In order to make it easier to quit, lets find out why many people love these ill-fated packages of poison?


It is because of romance that many people start smoking. This is facilitated by the Bad Boys from beautiful films, books, magazines, all this is propaganda. In order to stop exposing yourself to it, try to comprehend what you find in it. Do you like smoke? Does he seem calm and inviting? Try to find alternatives, there are many interesting and calming things besides cigarettes. Try to find something unpleasant in the process. Think about how bad you smell after the process, about how your clean lungs are filled with black smoke from cigarettes. That every time you become a little weaker than the previous one.


Despite the great anti-propaganda that is shown back in school, many smokers do not know about the full extent of the dangers of smoking. Then, it should be remembered that it causes cancer, loss of taste, shortness of breath, chronic bronchitis and many other diseases. If all this is not enough to quit, surf the Internet for a complete list of smoking cues and write them down. It is important to think carefully, do you need all this? I think no. Next, well look at ways to reduce harmful cigarette cravings.

Habit Replacement

Start with yourself. Perhaps you have a lot of problems with yourself, with your emotions and awareness. Or, for example, you have a lot of anxiety in your life and you smoke more and more against the background of stress. Stress for a person is an integral part of life, so it is worth learning how to deal with it in a different way. Sign up for yoga courses in your city. Practice breathing exercises instead of smoking. Scientists have proven that such exercises reduce stress levels and are beneficial to health. Place lollipops in the pack instead of cigarettes and suck on them when you feel the craving for cigarettes. After you quit, along with the gradual restoration of health, small money will appear. Now it has become very popular to invest money from cigarettes in stocks and other banking products. You can put them aside or buy things that are much healthier than cigarettes. In a month you will feel better, try to find the strength to go in for sports, good luck in your endeavors!

Tigran Kasabyan - Author
Tigran Kasabyan
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