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Tonuplex what is it?

Tonuplex is a complex herbal medicine designed to normalize blood pressure in hot weather. According to medical statistics, up to 80% of all strokes occur in the summer, caused by sudden increases in blood pressure. Therefore, there is a need to create a herbal drug that puts minimal stress on the liver, while effectively coping with the task.

Product Name: Tonuplex
Official site
Storage conditions Store at a temperature not exceeding 25°C.
Pharmacy license conditions At the counter
Delivery United Kingdom, USA, India, Philippines
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Availability on Amazon: no
Delivery time: 5-14 days
Availability: available on the official website
Composition 100% natural. Not a drug
User reviews: Positive


Tonuplex is available in cardboard boxes, inside of which there is a blister containing 10 capsules. Their composition:
  • Ascorbic acid not only strengthens the immune system, but is also necessary for the synthesis of collagen, which makes vascular walls strong and elastic;
  • Olive leaf extract prevents the formation of cholesterol plaques and has an antioxidant effect on the heart muscle;
  • Gymnema sylvestris extract has anti-inflammatory and antiarrhythmic effects;
  • Japanese knotweed root extract (resveratrol) has long been used in traditional medicine in Southeast Asia as a means to prevent the formation of blood clots and cholesterol plaques;
  • Chromium is involved in glucose metabolism and the production of the hormone serotonin, which is responsible for good mood and vitality;
  • L-arginine is one of the amino acids important for the body, capable of forming nitric oxide, which has a beneficial effect on the inner lining of blood vessels. Nitric oxide deficiency is observed in diabetes mellitus, atherosclerosis and hypertension.

Instruction: how to use?

The annotation for the drug states that Tonuplex is taken 1 capsule 2 times a day with meals. The capsule must not be chewed. It should be swallowed and washed down with a few sips of water at room temperature. The therapeutic effect occurs within an hour after taking the capsule. The course of treatment is 2–3 months, i.e. while the weather is hot. Tonuplex is compatible with all antihypertensive drugs prescribed by your doctor.

How does it work?

In the heat, hypertensive patients often experience such unpleasant symptoms as facial redness, dizziness, weakness, “veil” before the eyes, pain and pulsation in the temples, shortness of breath. Symptoms arise because elevated ambient temperatures and imbalance of water balance in the body cause disruptions in the functioning of the heart muscle and circulatory disorders. This, in turn, promotes the formation of blood clots and provokes pressure surges - the main factors in the occurrence of heart attacks and strokes. How Tonuplex works in such a situation:
  • Increases the elasticity of blood vessels and strengthens their walls;
  • Reduces blood viscosity and improves microcirculation;
  • Normalizes the level of “bad” cholesterol;
  • Has an anti-inflammatory effect;
  • Neutralizes and removes free radicals;
  • Improves sleep and memory, “gives” the body the energy it needs in the heat.


Tonuplex is used as an auxiliary drug for arterial hypertension. Additional indications for taking the drug include:
  • High cholesterol;
  • Atherosclerosis of blood vessels of the brain and heart;
  • Tendency to increased thrombus formation.


Tonuplex is not recommended for use in cases of low blood pressure, individual intolerance, or in childhood and adolescence. It is advisable to start a course of treatment with the drug only after consultation with your doctor.

Doctor's review

Recently, a new plant-based drug has appeared to prevent the occurrence of hypertensive crises, Tonuplex. It has cardio- and vasoprotective properties and an antioxidant effect. Prescribing it in the complex treatment of hypertension, I observe in my patients a decrease in the frequency of crises, normalization of breathing and heart rate, and relief of nervous tension.


Where can I find the official Tonuplex website?

The manufacturer and the official Tonuplex website can be found at this link.

Can I buy Tonuplex in a pharmacy?

Unfortunately not. You can only buy original products from the manufacturer's website, this is the only authorized distributor.

How can I order Tonuplex?

To place an order, all you have to do is fill in the official form, enter your name, surname and mobile phone number. A representative of the company, with whom you can request the information you are interested in, will contact you as soon as possible to confirm your order, and in a few days you will receive the product directly at your home and payment on delivery.

In which countries is it sold?

Tonuplex is sold in all countries. You can order delivery to any place convenient for you.

How long does delivery take?

On average, delivery takes 5-7 days, but can take up to 14 days.

Is Tonuplex a deception?

We checked Tonuplex and found no sign of cheating.

Are there any negative reviews about Tonuplex?

We did not find any confirmed negative reviews for Tonuplex among customers.


- 39$

Where to buy?

Official site


Packing quality4.2
Delivery speed4.9
Drug characteristics4.5
Ease of application4.4
The effectiveness of the drug4.6
Overall Rating4.5
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Customer Reviews

I have suffered from hypertension for several decades. At first, folk remedies helped, but now pharmaceutical drugs are not always effective. It’s especially difficult for me in the summer - I constantly have a headache, it’s like there’s a cloudy cloud hanging in front of my eyes, my blood pressure is jumping. I had to call a doctor to my house once again. She recommended Tonuplex to me. I felt an improvement after 2 weeks of taking it. And after a two-month course, I can say with confidence that I endured this summer much easier.

I was recently diagnosed with arterial hypertension and warned that exposure to the sun could worsen the condition. It’s bad luck, but we’ve already bought tickets to the sea. I consulted with my therapist and ordered several packs of Tonuplex capsules. I took them a couple of times a day. During the day I rested in my room, and in the mornings and evenings I swam and explored the local sights. Thanks to the attending physician, the vacation was not spoiled by illness.

I am hypertensive, but I have to work. I love my job, but it involves being in the fresh air. Im afraid that in the summer sun my blood pressure may rise and a stroke may develop. And this subsequently means disability or death. Therefore, Tonuplex has become a real salvation for me - it protects my blood vessels and heart in the heat and prevents my blood pressure from making sudden fluctuations.

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