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Heart disease is very dangerous. They cause ill health as well as death. A large number of people die every year due to heart disease, and this rate is increasing every year. Disease and outcome can be predicted in advance, but it can be stopped and it will not be difficult. It is enough just to do prevention and lead a healthy lifestyle. Yes, you will have to refrain from alcohol and nicotine, lead an active lifestyle and visit a doctor. People suffering from arrhythmia and hypertension should be especially responsible. Often, doctors constantly diagnose arrhythmias after they have noticed violations and malfunctions in the work of the heart muscle. But absolutely all people can spontaneously be defeated by arrhythmias. One has only to get a lot of physical activity or stress, even during a cold, a failure can occur. It is dangerous to underestimate the symptoms of arrhythmia, because they can lead to a heart attack.

Treatment and prevention

Nowadays, you can easily get any information from the well-known Internet. But often this turns into sad consequences. People read articles from the Internet and begin to heal themselves, but you cant joke with heart disease. Any mistakes can come at a very high cost. It is imperative that you go to a specialist so that a professional doctor can take over the treatment. The treatment process consists of several processes:
  • Treatment with drugs. The most common way to restore the work of the heart muscle to normal. For these purposes, they use such means as: calcium, sodium, potassium channels, beta-blockers. Acceptance of these funds is appointed strictly under the supervision of a specialist. Only vitamin complexes can be used without prescriptions.
  • Through surgery. This method is recommended in cases where the arrhythmia is accompanied by various heart diseases. Surgical intervention on the heart muscle, with the installation of supporting normal work, is used at a time when therapy with drugs did not give positive indicators.
  • Complementary therapy. It happens that dangerous drugs are not required for treatment. In the case when the disease occurs in the initial stage.It is enough to change your diet, giving up fried, salty, spicy and fatty foods, and consume as much dairy products, fruits, vegetables, fish and seeds as possible. Introduce light running, swimming, exercise and gymnastics into your lifestyle.
Below is a list of drugs that will help you cope with heart disease, but it is recommended that you read the instructions before using them.

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