10 most popular products for the treatment of potency in United States

10 best products for potency at home

Erectile dysfunction is a violation of sexual function that leads to serious problems, as a result of which a man cannot have sexual intercourse (or complete sexual intercourse normally). Impotence worries many men, but they prefer to hide this problem, explaining the failure in bed. If cases of malaise have become more frequent (for example, the penis is not firm enough), then it is necessary to consult a urologist, because erectile function can be restored.

Treatment methods

Before examining a patient and choosing a specific method of treatment, the doctor asks if the man has chronic diseases. Pathologies can affect potency. For example, angina pectoris, low blood pressure (hypotension), cardiovascular disease. Sexually transmitted diseases can reduce potency. Also, taking medications can affect potency. In any case, it is necessary to find the root cause of impotence, pass the hormonal panel, undergo an ultrasound scan. Effective treatments:
  • Taking special medications. Prescribed drugs that affect FSH and enhance erection. It is better to take medicines as a course. Then there will be an effect. You should not get carried away with dietary supplements, they only temporarily affect the body;
  • MLT. This method of treatment is characterized by magnetic and laser therapy. The beam penetrates deeply. The impulses affect the penis, after which metabolic processes are activated and a stable erection appears. To achieve a result, a man needs to undergo several MTL sessions (radiation therapy is often combined with medication);
  • Ozone therapy. The course of ozone therapy helps to relieve inflammation and eliminate the root cause of erectile dysfunction;
  • UHT. Shockwave therapy is targeted at local impact. With the help of waves, the natural blood flow to the cavernous bodies is restored during sexual arousal;
  • Prostate massage helps to eliminate congestion, improve blood microcirculation in the small pelvis.
The best methods for improving and treating potency have been developed by doctors. You should not hush up your problem, it is better to consult a urologist. Necessarily the course of treatment will be complex. Taking medications and special procedures will restore potency. If erectile function has weakened due to psychological problems, then drugs alone will be enough.