10 best products for menopause at home

Menopause is a period in a womans life, which is associated with changes in the body. In women, the follicles in the ovaries cease to mature. During menopause, the menstrual cycle becomes disordered. Other unpleasant symptoms appear: decreased libido, dry skin, sweating, hot flashes (a woman feels cold, and then a heat, and this condition repeats), sleep disturbance, weight gain, mood swings. Usually menopause begins between 48-52 years of age. Diseases during menopause can worsen. The reproductive system suffers. Women can be diagnosed with uterine fibroids, endometriosis, nodes, cystic formations (polycystic ovary). Cardiovascular diseases, postmenopausal osteoporosis, arthritis can be diagnosed.

Treatment methods

There is no guaranteed cure for menopause because it is a natural aging process in the body. In the process of which the female reproductive function is extinguished. Menopause symptoms can be alleviated. Before choosing a specific type of treatment, a woman needs to undergo a series of tests. Hand over the hormonal panel, ultrasound scan of the pelvic organs., Get advice from a mammologist, biochemical blood test, cytological examination. After that, the attending physician will assess the general condition of the patient and prescribe a specific type of treatment. Effective methods:
  • Medication. Hormone replacement therapy is prescribed. Hormonal drugs in combination with phytopreparations can be prescribed. A woman, during menopause, needs to take pills so that the level of estrogen and progesterone does not fall. There are also contraindications. For example, you should not drink hormonal drugs for heart disease, thyroid gland, breast problems;
  • non-drug treatment. Lifestyle changes, physical activity and proper nutrition;
  • Operative intervention. This type of treatment is used only when a pathology is found in the patient. For example, polycystic ovaries with small cysts. Then apply laparoscopy.
Menopause should only be treated if symptoms bother. Also, do not self-medicate yourself. Specialists will select a drug that will facilitate the restructuring of the body. Only drugs will have to be taken for a long time (until the menopause is over).

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