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Inspilar what is it?

Inspilar – is a homeopathic capsule medicine that relieves and alleviates the symptoms of diabetes. These capsules are particularly effective for type 1 or 2 diabetes, as well as obesity due to complications caused by the disease. Can have a positive effect on hyperglycemia in pregnant women, digestive disorders and tissue atrophy. Only herbal elements are used to make the drug, so it is safe for use at any age, and the number of side effects is minimized.

Product Name: Inspilar
Official site
Storage conditions Store at a temperature not exceeding 25°C.
Pharmacy license conditions At the counter
Delivery United Kingdom, USA, India, Philippines
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Availability on Amazon: no
Delivery time: 5-14 days
Availability: available on the official website
Composition 100% natural. Not a drug
User reviews: Positive


The capsules contain:
  • Blueberry leaves. Contribute to the strengthening of the eye vessels, in addition, increase the efficiency of internal organs such as the pancreas.
  • Lingonberry leaves. This element has a particularly effective effect in the case of type 1 diabetes.
  • Chicory root. Helps stabilize blood glucose levels.
  • Alfalfa grass. Just like the chicory root helps to improve metabolism and stabilize blood glucose levels.
  • Nettle. Protects the cardiovascular system, acts on the body, resulting in normalization of blood glucose.
The healing properties of all plants and herbs that make up the tablets are preserved and saved during the extraction.

Instruction: how to use?

Take a capsule of Inspilar should be taken once a day with a meal. However, your doctor may recommend that you drink the drug twice a day. In that case, you should drink one tablet at breakfast and the other at dinner. Be sure to drink the medicine with at least one glass of water. You can stop the course of treatment after a couple of weeks after the blood glucose level has improved. Throughout the course of treatment, it is not necessary to change the diet and meals, because the drug has the proper effect regardless of micronutrients. Nevertheless, it is recommended to take the pills at about the same time every day, observing a certain regime of the day.

How does it work?

Inspilar capsules have several mechanisms of work, through which the following processes occur:
  • Improvement of urinary and genital system function;
  • Regulation of insulin production;
  • Excretion and breakdown of excess glucose;
  • Getting rid of pain in the process of urination, as well as the removal of all disorders of the system;
  • Dissolution of kidney stones;
  • Normalization of carbohydrate metabolism;
  • Improvement of metabolic rate and reduction of uncontrollable appetite;
  • Safe weight loss;
  • Rehabilitation of internal organs;
  • Saturating the body with potassium ions
  • Reducing the tolerance of the bodys cells to insulin.


It is recommended to start treatment at the first symptoms of type 1 or type 2 diabetes, such as shortness of breath, sudden increase in weight, manifestation of new allergic reactions, severe headaches.


This drug has a minimal number of contraindications, as it is considered one of the safest. Still, for the time of taking the capsules, you should refrain from smoking cigarettes or tobacco, as well as drinking alcohol. Before taking it, it is necessary to read the composition and make sure that the patient has no individual intolerance to one or more of the ingredients.

Doctor's review

The newfangled capsules for diabetics Inspilar have gained high popularity due to their high effectiveness. The treatment with this drug is complex; it helps to alleviate the condition of the client. I often use the drug in the therapeutic regimen of diabetes treatment for a long time. The results are always optimal. Already after two weeks the glucose and blood sugar levels come back to normal, and soon they stabilize completely. The remedy is harmless, suitable for all ages. No side effects were noticed, which is its great advantage.


Where can I find the official Inspilar website?

The manufacturer and the official Inspilar website can be found at this link.

Can I buy Inspilar in a pharmacy?

Unfortunately not. You can only buy original products from the manufacturer's website, this is the only authorized distributor.

How can I order Inspilar?

To place an order, all you have to do is fill in the official form, enter your name, surname and mobile phone number. A representative of the company, with whom you can request the information you are interested in, will contact you as soon as possible to confirm your order, and in a few days you will receive the product directly at your home and payment on delivery.

In which countries is it sold?

Inspilar is sold in all countries. You can order delivery to any place convenient for you.

How long does delivery take?

On average, delivery takes 5-7 days, but can take up to 14 days.

Is Inspilar a deception?

We checked Inspilar and found no sign of cheating.

Are there any negative reviews about Inspilar?

We did not find any confirmed negative reviews for Inspilar among customers.


- 39$

Where to buy?

Official site


Packing quality4.7
Delivery speed4.6
Drug characteristics5
Ease of application4.9
The effectiveness of the drug4.5
Overall Rating4.7
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Customer Reviews

I have been suffering from type 2 diabetes for many years now. Blood sugar in a day could jump from 3.2 to 13. After starting to take Inspilar capsules, sugar has stabilized around 5-6, that is, within normal limits. On top of that, my well-being improved considerably.

It took me a long time to choose a good remedy that would lower my sugar and allow me to live a normal life. I have had diabetes since childhood and have had to adjust to it and constantly be distracted by something to feel normal. I am the manager of a successful company and need to look good. I just want to say that diabetes is not a disaster right now. My mother also suffers from diabetes, but before that there were no effective remedies like Inspilar. It was recommended to me by my doctor because this product has an all-natural and safe composition. Now my mother and I drink the product together. In my opinion, it is the most effective remedy for diabetes. And my glucometer confirms it.

Great medication! I used to have to take a lot of pills, now I exclusively take Inspilar three times a day. As soon as I started taking it, the attacks disappeared. I have even stopped watching my sugar lately. I feel great. I have been taking Inspilar for over a month.

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