10 best products for psoriasis at home

In connection with the active introduction of new drugs for the treatment of psoriasis, obtained using genetic engineering, specialized therapy centers were opened. She is engaged in the selection of pathogenetically based therapy for psoriasis. The purpose of the department is to ensure the availability of modern methods of psoriasis therapy for patients. Timely initiation of treatment helps prevent disability with moderate to severe forms of psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. In such departments, examination and selection of therapy is carried out.

About psoriasis

At one time it was believed that psoriasis is a category of skin diseases that lend themselves to quite successful stabilization and at the same time does not pose a danger. Now statistics claim that psoriasis is the cause of serious illnesses.

The sun is the best friend.

Sun exposure to ultraviolet light kills all the muck on the skin (it can be replaced with quartz lamps). Sea water, in turn, also kills all germs and viruses (it can be replaced with sea salt diluted in a bath). Already after the first taking of such a bath with sea salt, you can notice changes and an improved condition of the skin.

Medical treatment abroad

Treatment of psoriasis abroad makes relapses less pronounced, and remissions lasting. Doctors from foreign clinics are assigned as diagnostic work: skin biopsy. It is possible to make a diagnosis if there are certain signs. For example, contact luminescence microscopy notices pathological changes in the skin at the initial stages of the disease when examining tissues under a microscope. The next step is a blood test. Psoriasis is characterized by an increased level of protein leukocytes and a rapid deepening of erythrocytes. Potassium hydroxide test, which is performed for differential testing with dermatoses.

X-rays for the bias of psoriatic arthritis.

Biomicroscopy. The analysis is used with a specific contact microscope,which is brought to the pathological site to monitor the direct development of physiological, pathological and transport processes. These processes take place in the skin.

List of funds

You can find a list of remedies that will help you overcome psoriasis on this website. We are sure that the suggested advice will certainly help in solving this problem.

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