10 best products for papillomas at home

The papillomavirus is one of the most common diseases; about 80% of the population is infected with it. Usually a person does not even know about the infection, since the virus is suppressed by the immune system and is in a passive state, not showing itself in any way. But as soon as the immune system weakens, papillomas manifest themselves. Outwardly, they look like a mole or a bulky bump, but it is much more dangerous and can lead to irreversible consequences up to oncology. If a mass occurs where rubbing with clothing occurs, it can burst and cause inflammation and bleeding. The appearance of papillomas on the respiratory organs leads to difficulty breathing. There are several methods for getting rid of papillomas.

Healthy lifestyle

The removal of papilloma from the skin itself does not mean getting rid of the virus, it is just getting rid of the external manifestation. Relapse is inevitable with the next decrease in immunity. To prevent this, you should get rid of bad habits, follow a healthy diet, get enough sleep and exercise.

Medical intervention

If the neoplasm is large, surgical excision is used. For small daddies, laser removal or diathermocoagulation - removal with an electric current will help. The cryodestruction procedure allows you to remove papillomas by freezing. After the procedure, antiviral therapy is performed.

Home Treatment

Traditional medicine offers several ways to get rid of papillomas. First of all, this is a laundry soap - it is necessary to wipe the neoplasm with it every evening for a month, then gradually it will disappear by itself. Celandine juice is used in almost the same way, only after moistening it is necessary to apply a plaster on top. Castor oil can also help - a couple of drops should be rubbed daily twice a day until it is completely cured. Doctors do not recommend resorting to folk remedies. First, the healthy skin around the neoplasm can be damaged. Secondly, you can damage the papilloma, but not remove it, and this is fraught with the emergence of new formations. Self-treatment is ineffective and dangerous. The best solution would be to see a doctor who can not only solve the aesthetic problem, but also help strengthen the immune system in order to avoid the recurrence of papilloma.

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