10 best products to increase muscle growth at home

Now, as in past centuries, the main indicator of strength is the appearance of a person. Deep down, every man dreams of being a broad-shouldered and muscular athlete, and every girl wants to have a toned, slender body. Therefore, for most people, the issue of increasing muscle growth is almost in the first place. But, unfortunately, and maybe fortunately, the path to a strong pumped-up body lies through hard work and dedication. But, despite this, absolutely everyone will be able to increase the growth of their muscles using several of the best and most important methods.

start exercising with weights

If before that you did your own weight training at home, now you need to start training with iron. You need to start with small weights of 6-8 repetitions for 1-2 sets per workout. You can sign up for a gym where you will be provided with all the conditions for successful muscle development. The most important thing is that in such a place there will be people associated with you with a common interest and goal - a set of muscle mass, and this is also a very important factor in achieving the desired result. If a gym is not your option, you can try pull-ups or weighted push-ups. To do this, you need to fill your backpack with some heavy things and put it on your shoulders.


You need to eat 4-5 times a day in medium portions. Your diet should consist of foods high in protein and carbohydrates, such as cottage cheese, milk, buckwheat porridge, chicken breast, etc. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables to get more vitamins for better recovery. For greater effect, it is recommended to use nutritional supplements such as protein and gainer. The modern sports nutrition market is replete with various types of these products. You can consult with the seller and find the best option for you.


There should be considerable rest between workouts with iron so that the muscles have time to recover as much as possible and, accordingly, increase in size.There should be no more than 3 training days per week. Many athletes neglect this method of increasing muscle growth, and therefore face the problems of stagnation of their results. Sleep is a fundamental factor in muscle development. It is during this period that muscle cells are restored and increased in size in the human body.

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