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The ability to hear helps a person to better navigate in space and interact with people around him. The loss of this opportunity or even a slight deterioration can lead to communication problems, difficulties in work, difficulty in obtaining new information. The reasons for this misfortune can be very different: damage to the eardrum due to prolonged or sudden exposure to loud sound, infectious diseases, genetic predisposition, mechanical damage to the hearing organs. Depending on the stage of deterioration, several methods of treatment and prevention are distinguished:

  • massage;
  • warming up;
  • diet;
  • antibacterial drugs;
  • surgical intervention;
  • use of special equipment.
Of course, disease is best prevented. Therefore, for those who like to listen to loud music with headphones, experts recommend performing special exercises every day. They mainly boil down to rubbing the auricles and the outside of the ear canals, which increases blood flow to the hearing organs. This helps to saturate the tissues with oxygen and essential nutrients. Also, with a slight hearing impairment, it will not be superfluous to limit the use of salty, fatty and smoked foods. Sometimes hearing loss can be associated with the spread of an infection. Usually it is accompanied not only by the inability to hear sounds sufficiently, but also by painful sensations. In this case, doctors prescribe therapeutic warming up, drugs that relieve inflammation and destroy pathogens. When these methods are not enough, the help of a qualified surgeon is required, capable of eliminating the consequences of trauma or minor anatomical deformations. Also recently, special hearing aids have been developed. These devices enable a person to regain the lost ability to normally perceive surrounding sounds. If your hearing has recently noticeably weakened, you should immediately contact a specialist. Especially if the problem is accompanied by unpleasant, painful sensations. But even with minor, age-related deterioration, you can fight with the help of drugs on a natural basis. All their components have a beneficial effect on the microcirculation of blood in the tissues of the hearing organs, destroy a possible infection and strengthen local immunity.

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