10 best products for hemorrhoids at home

Hemorrhoids can affect both women giving birth and professional athletes. This disease affects both young and old people. It can develop from a diet that does not include enough fiber, excessive physical exertion, a sedentary lifestyle, the use of alcohol and tobacco. Also, sometimes a genetic predisposition to this ailment affects. Currently, specialists offer several treatments for hemorrhoids. At the initial stages, a single procedure is quite suitable, in more advanced cases, only complex therapy will help. The main methods of treatment include:

  • special diet;
  • use of anti-inflammatory and antiseptic agents;
  • drugs that strengthen blood vessels, improve blood circulation;
  • anesthetics;
  • surgery.
Hemorrhoids can develop from poor dietary habits, which can lead to constipation or diarrhea. Strong pushing can lead to hemorrhoids, bleeding and pain. Therefore, first of all, doctors prescribe a diet that includes fiber to improve digestion. The use of soups and a significant amount of liquid is also encouraged so that the bowel movement is as easy and fast as possible. Inflamed tissues are very susceptible to the negative effects of pathogens, therefore, in the treatment of hemorrhoids, special baths are used that reduce inflammation and destroy infections. Usually, herbal infusions and a solution of potassium permanganate are well suited for this. In the event of painful sensations, a burning sensation and itching, it is recommended to use special ointments and creams that have an analgesic effect. In the very last stages, you cannot do without the help of a surgeon. Surgical intervention is prescribed only as a last resort, when all other methods have not led to an improvement in the patients condition. The recovery period takes considerable time. Now most of the remedies for hemorrhoids affect the problem in a complex manner. They relieve inflammation, relieve pain, strengthen tissues and normalize blood circulation by reducing blood clots. In the overwhelming majority of cases, such drugs consist of natural ingredients, which eliminates the appearance of side effects.

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