10 best products for cystitis at home

Cystitis is understood as the presence of inflammation processes in the bladder. The disease can be acute with relapses. Also distinguish between infectious and non-infectious origin of the disease. The most common acute, but uncomplicated form of the disease in women with the absence of anatomical or functional changes in the functioning of the urinary system.

What are the effective treatment options for urinary inflammation today?

To cure cystitis, doctors usually prescribe medications based on the etiology of the disease. It can be anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, antibacterial and antiviral agents:

Anti-inflammatory pills

During this ailment, the wall of the urea becomes inflamed, which leads to sensations of pain. The passing of urine is also painful. Anti-inflammatories can help reduce pain and inflammation.

Antispasmodic medicines

Antispasmodics help to very effectively relieve pain in the muscles of the urea.

Antibacterial agents

Note! As a rule, inflammation in the urinary tract appears due to the presence of microflora with bacteria. In order to suppress their spread and eliminate inflammation, the patient needs to undergo antibiotic therapy. In this case, only the attending doctor can prescribe antibiotics! Self-medication without consulting a specialist can be not only ineffective, but also harm your health!

Antifungal Medicines

Fungi can also cause cystitis. Often, inflammation in the urinary tract is of a mixed nature - bacterial and fungal. Then antibacterial and antifungal medicinal substances should be taken together.

Herbal medicine

Phytopreparations can have a very good therapeutic effect. They work great against inflammation and have antimicrobial effects.

Which treatment should be preferred?

The effectiveness of treatment depends on the correct and timely diagnosis,but also from the correctly chosen therapy with the help of pills. Cystitis most often appears due to the presence of pathogenic bacterial flora. The acute course of the disease with premature and incorrect treatment can become chronic. Treatment must be comprehensive.

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